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Varus or Valgus Wedge, Adjustable Heel Lift Combo

3 removable layers (1/8") thick - cork material - Height adjustable

Bottom Layer can be peeled for either varus or a valgus wedge

Can ease Achilles tendonitis and calf strain instantly

Prevents subtalar joint pronation. 

Corrects for calcaneal inversion of a short leg

Decreases pain and fatigue in low back, knees and ankles.

Increase stabilization of the short limb. 

Compensates for leg length discrepancies. 

Sizes: Small, Medium or Large

Size References

  • Small: (Women's shoe sizes 4-7)

  • Medium: (Women's shoe sizes 8-10) (Men's shoe size 7-9)

  • Large: (Women's shoe sizes 9-11) (Men's shoe size 10-14)


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Achilles tendonitis

Subtalar join pronation or supination

Plantar Fasciitis

Lateral knee pain (varus heel wedge section)

Medial knee pain (valgus heel wedge section)

Shin Splints

Peroneal tendon strain

Directions for use:

For best alignment, place under the shoe's insole. This will allow the heel lift to sit firmly at the bottom of the shoe for optimum control and comfort. They are firm but will soften with use. Made in the USA. 


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